Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 20

10:00 AM

My anonymous friend had another interesting comment on my yesterday's 2:00 pm post. " How can an opinion be wrong? I have never heard of a right or wrong opinion..." Well, its not even the opinion that is wrong.  It is actually before the opinion, like I said, as soon as one opens his/her mouth, they are wrong... And it is not just that dualistic right or wrong opinion, its on a much deeper level. Because in order to give an opinion, to enter a discussion, there has to be a starting point. Now, where do we come from...? Do we speak and think from our true self...? Of course not. Almost never. Someone will say something to us, and we automatically run what we have heard through the web of our filters. Our famous "how things should be" filters... Then we respond, agree or disagree... Do we hear what the other person had said? Do we really hear it,  do we let it penetrate and settle deep within before we respond? No, we just run it through our web and respond... Half of the time we start thinking and preparing our response while the other person is still talking!!! We never truly listen... Thats why as soon as we open our mouth we are wrong....

2:00 PM

Good class again. Very focused. I am actually getting better in some of my postures. The class goes by so quickly, the heat is easy to handle. You actually welcome the heat now... At the start of the journey, my biggest question was if I could be disciplined enough to go to class every day. To actually do the same 26 postures every day. At this point I can't even call it discipline. It feels like I have been doing it all my life. Like eating breakfast. Drive to studio, do a class, shower, drive back home..... Get a bowl, pour in the milk and cereal and eat... No difference... Love it...

11:00 PM

Listening... The hardest thing for an average human to master. We don't know how to listen, or we just don't want to. One way or another, the reality is that the only thing we truly hear is ourselves....  If we could shut down the radio in our head for a minute or two, and just listen, our life would finally become life... Just like a yoga class, unless you turn off the dialog in the head, every single class will be absolute hell. The postures, the heat, humidity, all of it will be unbearable. You will hate the class... However, if you shut down the inner noise for a moment, then that same class will be a different experience. You will hear the yoga teacher. You will hear your breath, your body, your true self.... You will hear... And the life will become what it should be. Absolute joy at all times, always happy and full of love. Hear it... But in order to hear one has to listen first....

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