Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 30

10:00 AM

Early morning class. It was a tough one. The beginning was clear and focused, then somewhere in the middle it became a struggle. Internal dialog was fully present, my mind was in the mean state... It lasted for about 10 min and then I got back into focus. Finished the class on a good note. I wonder what happens in our head, inside of ourselves, so we fall into these states of mind. Just like that, for no reason at all. Is it the fact that we can't handle feeling great all the time...? We need something bad, something negative, just for a little while, so we can feel alive again... Most of us, subconsciously, enjoy feeling bad. It sounds crazy but its true. Sad movies, sad songs, we enjoy watching and listening. We realize we feel sad, our memories resurface, memories that make us feel bad, but we like it all. If we didn't like it, we would quit watching, quit listening... To make things worse, sometimes we will have a bad day, come home and put on these songs, watch movies, and get even deeper into our misery. As unbelievable as it sounds, we enjoy feeling bad sometimes...
We choose  to feel bad... The same way we choose to feel good... We choose all the time, from the moment we open our eyes 'till the moment we close them... Always choosing...

2:00 PM

What frequency are you on...? Simple question that we need to ask ourselves every day. We are like a radio, functioning on a different frequency all the time. The same way we set our radio to a certain frequency to listen to our favorite music, we need to set ourselves the same way if we want something. You want true love...? Set your frequency then. Feel good all the time, love all around you, feel loved by all, enjoy every moment of your life. Live like you are deeply in love, have that feeling in your chest like its already there. Grasp it fully, even though its not there yet. Basically, live on the frequency of love. And you will have it.... Guaranteed...
You want to have success. Envision it... Feel it inside of you, breath success even though it is not here yet. Have no doubt, as soon as you have doubts it all comes down crashing. Only positive and forward. It is all positive anyway right...? Apply yourself fully to the desired goal, and look beyond the completion. Never ask the question how are you going to do it. It will be taken care of by itself. All you have to do is get yourself on the right frequency, and seize the moment...
Feeling bad...? Things not going your way...? Can't do anything right lately...? No problem... Just check your frequency...

11:00 PM

30 days in the books... Today, Dr Cartman's blog reached 1000 pageviews... Not bad for a cat. Not bad at all... Here is a little present for everyone, just a little thank you from your doctor:

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  1. I love this post. And the flower is very pretty, Dr. Cartman. Haha. Can you put Z on the line now? Thanks.

    Z, I'd really love to know what sorts of things are running through your mind during your practice that are throwing you off.

    How has your day-to-day life changed off the mat as a result of this dedicated practice? I'd love to read specific things that happen to you and how you deal.

    30 days, nice. :)