Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 36

10:00 AM

Yoga class is really a unique experience, but only if you breathe. If you struggle with your breath, gasping for air, it can be really painful. Breathing mindfully will help you rise above the yoga postures, the heat, the stretch, the pain... My goal for today's class was to totally focus on breathing. All my will power and energy directed into inhale and exhale. Regardless of my postures, energy, heat, just full light on the breathing. The truth is, keeping my attention on the inhale and exhale is harder than any yoga posture. My penthouse tenant was jumping into my focus all the time. Still, for a certain period of time I was able to breathe... Maybe for the first time, really breathe... That part of the class was pure, clear, full lungs. It felt like I wasn't really doing the class. Like I was just the one that was breathing, and somebody else was there doing the yoga postures. At one point, during the eagle pose, when the teacher said to just freeze and hold, I felt like everything just stopped. For a second there, it was absolute peace... I wish I can explain the feeling... In one moment, focus, energy, balance, fatigue, they were all gone... There was nothing there. Empty... Only for a moment...
Naturally, as the class went on my attention to breathing was getting weaker. I was getting tired and my mind was taking over. Not all the way, but he had the upper hand. It is only "normal". However, I have tasted the empty at least for a second. I felt it, and I will continue to follow it. Follow my breath with all my heart, with full lungs, like my life depends on it, and one day that one moment will become ME...

2:00 PM

" Every day you mold you energy. Moment by moment, you are constantly                     molding your energy... And that becomes your reality..."

Heard that from a teacher in class today. It has been in my head all day. Another great quote, truly wise and inspirational. If one can think about this constantly, always have it somehow in front of the eyes, life would be so different. You are the sculptor of your reality... You make everything, good and bad... Nothing is coincidence or bad luck. You mold your energy, you mold your experience, situations, people, life...
How are you molding your energy right now...? Are you molding peace, happiness, harmonious sounds...? Or you are molding anger, doubt, jealousy and dark clouds...? These are the questions we should ask ourselves every day, every hour. Let this be your inner dialog. Then, and only then, you will mold perfect shapes... Peace and happiness will follow you like a shadow...
One has to keep this in his mind. Has to be constantly reminded of it, has to live it... Again, we should change our greetings to one another:

" Hi how are you?"  into  "Hi what are you thinking?"

" What's been going on with you?"  into " How are you molding your energy today...?"

11:00 PM

Yoga, meditation, chanting, prayer, bowing, all those things are great for one's life. It doesn't matter which one you do, as long as you do it with honest heart and pure thought... Your life will change in many ways, you will change... But you have to do it consistently. All the time, or its not going to work. Like my Zen Master likes to say " It is like a car engine. You have to tune it all the time, or its not going to work properly..." Don't waist time. Get up and do it. Tune, tune, tune... 10,000 times... Make it perfect...

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