Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 91

One day two buddhist monks were returning to their monastery silently. Watching their thoughts, watching each step and witnessing everything.

A small river used to flow close to their monastery. Walking slowly, meditatively they came across the river. There was no boat men in the river. 

Instead of boatmen, one beautiful young lady was waiting for the boat man to cross the river. The Sun was about to set and darkness was spreading its kingdom.

They waited for some time for the boat men and eventually decided to cross the river on their own. One monk who was Young carried the lady on his shoulder and three of them crossed the river. On other side of river, lady thanked the monks and went on her way and two monk started moving towards their monastery meditatively.

Meditation the very breath of their all actions. After some time Old monk broke the silence "I will tell everything to the master..."
The Young Monk asked surprisingly "What will you tell to master...?"

Old Monk said " You are spoiled, you have carried the woman on your shoulders, its sin to touch a woman for a monk..."

Young Monk replied "I had dropped the woman at river bank only, but you are still carrying her in your head..." 

What are you carrying...? Just drop it at the river bank, and move on...

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