Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 1

10:00 AM

First day is always the easiest.  Full of energy, enthusiasm, ready to do everything...  Amazing thing is that as soon as I woke up this morning my mind was waiting for me with a story:  "I think its better if we start all this tomorrow.  I mean I need to organize some things beforehand, I don't think I am ready today.  Tomorrow is Buddha's birthday so it would be a perfect day to start. Just make a Day 1 tomorrow...."  How many times something like this happens.  I know it happened to me many times and one always ends up listening to the mind.  After you let your mind lead you, then it will make perfect sense of why it is actually better to do it tomorrow.  Every excuse seems legitimate.  And then tomorrow turns into next day and eventually you never even start.
However, I am up, and I am going to my 12 o'clock yoga class...  Day 1 out of 100...

2:00 PM

One yoga class in the books...  99 more to go...  Good, solid class, nothing extraordinary, but it felt good.  I almost made it through the entire class without drinking a sip of water.  But then again I wasn't sure if one should drink during class or not.  So at that moment I felt like my Ego just don't want to drink so I can be different and better than others.  Of course I couldn't let my Ego win the race, so I had water. I am going to have to research that, I wonder which way is better, drinking during class, or not...?
I feel good with this cleansing process.  My body needs it.  And so far today I didn't have any major cravings and crisis. It is the first day, though...

11:00 PM

I made it through Day 1.  Did all the things I intended to do today.  Yoga, workout, good food, lots of fluids...    Still feel pretty strong about the whole journey.  Kind of excited too, thats a good sign.  Excitement and strong feeling are good weapons against one's mind.  And one will need all the weapons.  Had a few crisis and battles with the mind, but won them all.  He actually didn't put up a strong fight.  He never does.  Not on the first day...

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