Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 7

10:00 AM

58 students at a yoga class this morning!!!  On a Sunday.  At 10 in the morning.  I went to the studio expecting it will be half empty, instead, it was more people than ever.  Some people actually like it when the class is packed.  The energy is stronger, the shared yoga energy, the energy between people.  I never really felt that way.  For myself, there is no difference if there is 100 or 1 student in class.  I never had that 'share the energy' feeling.  To me its the power I have within myself, it has nothing to do with the others. We are, of course, all one big energy, but the actual energy that gets me going has nothing to do with other people.  And they really emphasize that in every yoga studio.  "Great energy, great energy today guys.  You guys have amazing energy..."  I don't know about that.  How do you feel that energy?  Just because people are working hard and giving their best doesn't mean they have great energy.  I know myself I would go extremely hard during practice, giving it my all, looking really focused and determined.  But inside my energy was on the floor, I was just making myself work that hard.  Sometimes I think that people say things that are good to hear, to motivate, inspire, to encourage people.  And I think its a good thing if its genuine, otherwise they are just empty words.  Then again, all words are empty....

2:00 PM

Sunday...  I finished my first week.  Did everything I intended to do this week. Won all the little battles, and went to yoga every single day.  I do feel that my knees and my groins are a little sore from practice. Hopefully they are just opening up and the discomfort will pass. Next week I will have to add another weekly goal for myself. I am reading this book "Getting Things Done" and I think that it will be my new little goal.  To get things done...  To organize myself in all areas, business and personal, so I don't miss anything.  Leave nothing for tomorrow or for the next day. To follow my vision and to work towards it. Don't talk about it, be about it.  Because everything is possible in life. Everything.  You just have to want it with your whole being, work towards it, and vision it in your mind like you already have it.  Very simple.  Say to the universe what you want, what you really want, and then vision it in your mind, like its already in your life.  Whatever it is, the highest possible goal if you want.  Don't question it don't ask how.  Just have it in your vision, work hard towards in and don't ask questions.  Just be patient and you will have it.  The reason we don't have everything we want, lies within ourselves.  We don't have the courage to want it, to just jump into the unknown and grab what we want. Because we all have that one little thought that paralyzes us, and we just cant jump. And that little thought, that doubt, no matter how small it is, can ruin everything.  We all have the famous: "WHAT IF......"  The famous thought that humans cannot get rid of.  Cannot shake that constant fear of failure.  So we just continue our lives with what we already have, even though we don't like it,we stick with it. It is safe ground for us.  No surprises.  After all, that jump into the unknown can go in many directions.  I mean, seriously, WHAT IF.........


Good night... See you next week....


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