Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 28

10:00 AM

If you like to read check out "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. Really great book for both professional and personal life. As the title says, the book is about getting things done. It simplifies the whole process, so we don't have to feel overwhelmed by all the things we need to do. It is clearly possible to have a successful career, a family, tons of commitments and obligations, and still be able to manage it all with a relaxed, clear mind. Most of the time we have all these things we need to do, we even write it down, but still we end up forgetting or doing everything the last moment. Even though we believe that we perform best under the pressure, that we get things done on the end of the day, we stress about it. Once we finish the project, we feel good, we got it done. The stress is gone... Is it...? Where does that stress go...? Every time we get angry, argue, loose our temper, where does it go...? Scream, go for a walk, a run, talk about it and make up, are some of the tools we believe help us relieve the stress. Push it out, clear our head and we are good to go... Yeah right. You wish...
In reality, the stress, anger, it doesn't go anywhere. It stays right here with us. It just gets buried deep into our subconsciousness, pushed in so deep, that we think its out. It stays there, dormant and quiet, until similar situation doesn't come up again. Then it comes out with full force, twice stronger than it was last time.
Getting Things Done is written mostly for the corporate world, but it can be easily applied into our personal life. Being highly productive, creative, and ambitious, while staying grounded and calm. It teaches you how to get into the driver seat. How to put a leash on our mind, and use it the way we want to. The book gives clear pointers on how to stop being a servant and become a master... As they quote in the book: "The mind is a terrible master, but a great servant..." Who do you want to be....?

2:00 PM

28th class in a row and I finally experienced it. I was waiting for a class like this since the day I started this journey. It was the best class so far... My postures were the same as usual, maybe I did better on a few. The whole experience was great. The energy was just bursting out of my body, I could have done 3 classes in a row. The heat wasn't there, the fatigue wasn't there, the sore knees were, but I found myself enjoying the pain. I could feel that I was breathing with full lungs, savoring every moment of practice. My mind was working, of course, but it was in the distance. I didn't care or pay attention to it. Balancing, stretching, flexing, breathing... I can finally say that I had a glimpse of my first real yoga class. If one can manage to feel like this during every class, or even better, in everyday life, it is worth 1000 days of yoga in a row. The feeling lasted after the class too... Great evening truly, it lasted all the way to the car.... I was surprised that it lasted even that long, to be honest. Usually mind takes over as soon as one leaves the yoga room, or as soon as the teacher leaves the room. I never thought that yoga can bring these experiences, it truly is moving meditation....
January 28th.... 28th class in a row... Finally a small glimpse of real life... Finally alive...

11:00 PM

I am going to remember this Sunday. Build on it. Attract more of the same. One day this experience will last the entire day, week, month, year. The only difference is that then, there will be no day, week, month, year... Time will become what it really is. An illusion... This experience will be nothing special, just a normal experience. That is the whole point, this IS a normal experience for an average person. This is how we are supposed to feel every day, at work, at home, while driving, all the time... It shouldn't be a glimpse, it should be an eternity. Of course, we need to deal with the penthouse tenant first. He can't be evicted just like that... He has strong connections inside the building. He knows all the powerful people that live in the building. He will do everything possible not to become a servant... The mind knows that he is a great servant, and that we will love his new role. However, being a servant means moving into the lower part of the building, and he loves the penthouse.... Loves to be the master...

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