Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 4

10:00 AM

Feeling good this morning.  Lots of energy, I really feel like moving and getting things done.  When I woke up this morning, I actually couldn't wait to go to Yoga.  Its just that my body wants it somehow I can feel it.  And even though I take the class at 12 I have a feeling like my day starts around that time.  Maybe I should try and take an earlier class and see how that goes.  Thats next week's challenge, to go early...   Today will be the 4th day in a row, that is the most Yoga classes I have ever taken without a break.  So tomorrow it will be a new personal record.  I even had a thought pass through my head a minute ago: "What if I get used to doing Yoga all the time so it becomes a habit...?"  Habits are not a good thing...  One always tries to get rid of this or that habit.     I wouldn't mind having this habit though....

2:00 PM

Energy...  Is our energy mind related, or it is an actual power that your body has in a given moment?  Do we THINK that we feel full of energy...?  Is it in our mind?  In our body?  Or both.....
This morning I felt great.  Really full of energy, I could feel it in my chest.  Really.  And I couldn't wait to go to my Yoga class.  Went to class nice and early, my mind in the right state, ready to rumble.  Then the class started, we did our first two warm-up postures and......  I was dead.... No energy at all.  Empty tank.  I mean I know I was tired and sore, but I had days where I felt terrible prior to class, and then once the class started I would found great energy to get me through.  This was the first time I felt great before the class and then just strike out after 10 min.  I did finish the class but I struggled through it.  Then after the class I wasn't all that tired.  Kind of the same like I felt before the class.  I actually felt more tired at the beginning of the class, than after the class has ended.  That's probably normal, someone will say, but it never happened to me before.  Usually when I felt like that in the morning, I would have a great class, just cruising through the postures.  So this was quite a surprise.  I wonder why is this a good thing.....?

11:00 PM

Who said I can't do this?  Look at me know, day 4 is behind me and I'm still going strong.  What, I only have 96 days left... Lol.  So far I have been able to look at this journey one day at the time.  And it's not a big deal when you look at it like that.  You just go day by day not really looking ahead.  If I can continue in this manner, then this will be a walk in the park.  But we all know extremely well that its not going to be that easy. At one point the mind will get his point across and then the fact " I have 96 days left " will hit you like a sledgehammer.  That moment is a breaking point.  It didn't happen to me yet, but I just can see that its the focal point of the journey.  At that point, if one is able to just smile and calmly continue, then there is no limit.  You will be able to do it for 1000 years...  At that point, TIME, in worldly sense, will just reveal its true nature..... Not real...  Non existent...

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