Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 39

10:00 AM

We all want to know ourselves. To find ourselves. How do you really do that...? Going back in the past and remembering all the things that happened, reliving old emotions, digging the cause of those emotions, counseling sessions, all of these things are good to know. However, this only reveals your content, things that made you the way you are now. Your past... This doesn't reveal who you are. Who YOU are...
How do you see yourself...? Your experience of yourself will determine what is important in your life, and only the things that are important will have an influence on you. Only those things can really bother you. Things that bother us can be used as the criteria of how well we really know ourselves. If you ask yourself a question:

           " What are the things that trouble me and disrupt my peace...?"

When you think about it, you will find that a lot of little things get you upset. We are all like that, if we make a list, the list would be full of little things. Now, if little things have the power to disrupt your peace, you are just that - LITTLE... There is nothing big about you... What are those little things...? Everything... Nothing on the outside is big, because it is all impermanent...

You can say that the most important thing in your life is the path, wisdom, peace. You can say I am awake and aware and walking the path... Then something will happen, money loss, accident, failure at work, argument with your partner, and all you will be thinking about will be that negative something that just happened. You will talk about it, blame whoever, get aggressive, defend yourself... Just like that, "the walking the path" you, is out of the window. Does the negative situation becomes more important...? Yes it does, but only to that LITTLE you... The BIG you is still walking the path...

What are you LITTLE or BIG....?

2:00 PM

A wise man wins an expensive car on the lottery. His family and friends were very happy for him: " Isn't that nice...? You are so lucky...", they said. The wise man smiled and replied: "Maybe..." For some time the wise man enjoyed the car, driving around all the time. One day a drunk driver hits his new car on the highway, and the wise man ends up in the hospital with multiple injuries. His family and friends come over to visit him and said: " Oh how unlucky you are..." The wise man smiles again and says: "Maybe..." While he was at the hospital, a landslide destroyed his house. His entire house ended up in the ocean. The next day his friends and family came over again and said: "Oh you are so lucky that you were in the hospital and not at home..." The wise man answered again: "Maybe..."
Maybe... The man doesn't complain, stress, or cry about any of the events. He just accept them as they are. He is not lucky or unlucky... He is maybe this or maybe that, and maybe he is none of it. He accepts the things as they are, good or bad, lucky or unlucky. Why...? Because he knows there is a higher purpose to all of it. To our simple mind it looks as absolute disaster, but to a higher self it makes perfect sense. It is exactly what needs to be happening in your life. Even the worst situations. All one has to do is be aware, and look for a higher purpose in everything. Whatever happens, however bad it feels, just smile and be patient... Feel good knowing that the higher purpose is getting closer... Don't fight it... Accept it... Accept it and keep walking...


Tomorrow is day 40... Who would have thought that I would do 40 yoga classes in a row... By the way, I had a great class today. The day itself was great... Yeah I know, what is great...? Dualism... I agree. Still, I feel great...

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